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Our free college cost comparison tool gives students, advisors and partner organizations an easy way to understand college costs and other fit factors. 

About DecidED

DecidED helps students quickly and accurately understand the affordability of their college options without needing to do financial aid interpretation alone. Advisors and administrators use DecidED to track and support student progress on their college journey.

Why We Created DecidED

DecidED is powered by Moneythink, an education-technology nonprofit with over 12 years of experience working with students, advisors, and their communities. Our work promotes economic justice and encourages students to attend affordable schools with little to no debt.

Our research revealed a market gap Moneythink’s technology could fill — namely, the ability to convert complicated financial award images into cohesive, understandable formats. As a nimble education-technology nonprofit, we knew it was up to us to bring DecidED to as many students as possible so they too could experience the positive immediate and long term impacts of our tool.

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