Where do I find my award letter?

  1. Colleges will send out your award letters in one of three ways, so keep a lookout for them. DecidED works best with award letter images from your College Portal or Email because the tool can only read image files (JPEG, PNG.).
      1. You can find your financial aid award by logging onto the college’s online portal. You will need to do this for each college you are expecting to receive an award letter from. 
      1. You can search your email for “[School Name] + financial award.”
      1. You may also get a paper copy of your award in the mail, so be sure to check. You can take pictures of your paper award letters and submit them to DecidED from your phone..

Still having trouble finding your award? Checkout our guide on Finding your financial aid award!

What can I do in DecidED without an account?

  • Even without a DecidED account, you can take advantage of all of the information in our Guides! Learn more about important topics like financial aid verification, writing an appeal, understanding your college bill and life budget, scholarships, and more!
  • We recommend creating a free DecidED account so you can access personalized insights to inform your college decision, including which colleges are going to be most affordable for your budget as well as other considerations such as the college’s graduation rate, the campus diversity, and the projected future earnings.