Compare colleges. 
Confirm your costs. 
Choose confidently.

DecidED provides students and advisors with resources, tools and guidance to compare college costs, financial aid benefits, and other fit factors.

Just upload a picture of an award letter and we’ll do the math.

Students make sense of financial aid award results and compare their college options based on personalized fit factors such as graduation rate and campus diversity.

Real time student updates make your job easier.

Advisors can access the DecidED dashboard with real time student updates, students’ financial aid results and help them compare options for the best enrollment decision.

Expand your ability to scale student support programs.

Gain insight into student progress on the path to college, as well as financial aid result data, to inform impactful programs and services.


DecidED tells you how much aid you are getting, how much you are paying, and how affordable college is going to be. It’s so relieving.

SF State, Class of ’23


I’m excited that things I want to make visible to students, like career outcomes and cost breakdowns, are included in DecidED.

College Advisor
De la Salle High School


DecidED covers the majority of the bases we’re concerned about and consolidates the information in one place. It’s very helpful!

Executive Director,
Willamette University Academy Program

Every student deserves to go to college with little to no debt.

DecidED was created by Moneythink, an education-technology nonprofit committed to economic equity. DecidED was developed based on years of work with students, families, advisors, and their communities. That’s why Moneythink is committed to offering DecidED free to students, forever.