Compare colleges. 
Confirm your costs. 
Choose confidently.

DecidED is a free app that helps students clearly understand the net costs for each college on their list, so that they can make informed enrollment decisions and plans to pay.

Are you a School Counselor or Advisor?

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Students: Research your college picks for fit and affordability

Once you upload your financial aid award letters to your free DecidED account, you can confirm the affordability of the college offer, compare it to other colleges you have received award letters from, and make a plan for where to enroll and how to pay the bill.

Add your colleges.

Upload financial aid offer letters to DecidED and find out estimated out-of-pocket college costs after all of your free money is deducted.

Compare your options.

Compare schools and award offers based on their affordability and other fit factors such as future earnings and campus diversity.

Make your decision.

Figure out which college is going to be right for you based on DecidED’s affordability ratings and fit factor information.

Advisors: Stay informed about your students’ options

Spend less time inputting data and more time strategizing with students.

With the DecidED Advisor Dashboard, you’ll be able to confidently track your students’ college application results and help them evaluate their options for college fit and affordability.

Understanding college costs can make or break a student’s future.

70% of students cite financial stress as the main reason they end up dropping out of college.

That stress begins with the most important decision: where should I go and can I afford it?

[DecidED] tells you how much aid you are getting, how much you are paying, and how affordable it is going to be… It is so relieving.