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Monitor students’ college enrollment options and decisions.

Save time on administrative tasks so you can focus on supporting students.

Access detailed financial aid data insights to inform program enhancements.

DecidED is free for students, advisors and partner organizations

“DecidED provides tools and resources to support students and families with understanding college affordability and enrollment.”

– Green Dot Public Schools

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The DecidED Application Programming Interface (API)

The DecidED API seamlessly translates award information so your staff can avoid manually inputting data. Our API has been piloted with scholarship providers and college access organizations looking to save time on administrative tasks so they can better support students.

With our API, your organization can:

Save time on tasks like manually reviewing financial aid award data

Make data-driven decisions based on aggregated financial aid information

Scale impact across your current programs and systems

Our Partners

Our partners include college promise and access programs, schools and school districts, financial aid organizations, scholarship providers, college outreach programs, and individual advisors and counselors, among others.

DecidED doesn’t just help college access partners. We have tools for students and advisors.