The DecidED Application Programming Interface (API)

In addition to offering students and advisors free access to DecidED, Moneythink is expanding our tool’s reach and impact to strategic partners through the DecidED API.

How the API Works

Collect financial
aid award letters

Submit them to
the DecidED API

Get financial aid
data reports

Who Is The DecidED API For?

College access organizations and scholarship providers that need to interpret and/or analyze a collection of student financial aid results.

Organizations that want to view, track and compare award results across schools, cities or states and against other key student profile identifiers.

Partner Success Story:

10,000 Degrees

10,000 Degrees, a college success organization in Northern California, is an early adopter of the DecidED API. Thanks to the DecidED API, 10,000 Degrees made major strides in the important work they do serving students.

10,000 Degrees saved 3.5 minutes per award letter = 100+ hours of manual input time.

The DecidED API’s translated results allowed 10,000 Degrees to:


of award letters translated in less than 30 minutes

Assess the average and individual student financial aid gaps (like direct costs and scholarships)


of letters identified as invalid financial aid documents that needed to be resubmitted by the student

Access a list of invalid letters from students who needed further follow-up


of award letters were manually reviewed by Moneythink

Review aggregated data to identify types of award letters their students are getting, like specific state and institutional grants

The DecidED API Supports Student-Facing Organizations

Streamline administrative tasks such as collecting and evaluating financial aid award letters

  • Your team spends less time inputting data and more time working with students.

Make data-driven decisions about student needs based on transparent and aggregated financial aid reward data

  • Track student and financial aid results, including levels of affordability, typical gaps, and identify students who need additional support.
  • Use data insights to refine your program interventions.

Go to the API knowledge base to get started. Developers can read the technical documentation for integrating DecidED’s API into their current programs and systems.

Connect with us today to learn how DecidED’s API can help your organization.

“The DecidED API has been an invaluable resource for us in the collection and analysis of over 1,700 financial aid award letters. The API took what used to be a very manual process and changed it into an automated system that has saved us hundreds of hours.”

– Jin Choi, Director of Scholarship Programs, 10,000 Degrees