Spend less time inputting data and more time guiding students to a college where they can successfully graduate with the least amount of debt.

Here’s How Advisors Are Using DecidED

Get Real Time Updates

See a real time snapshot of which schools students are interested in, what types of awards they’ve received and how affordable their options are.

Emphasize Affordability

DecidED makes understanding true college costs simple so that students can easily gauge what their out of pocket costs will be.

Streamline Data

Download reports complete with college cost and fit factor data, financial aid results, and student preferences.

Find out how DecidED helps you support student enrollment and outcomes.

“The easy accessibility of having all financial aid award letters compiled into one website allows for easy communication with students and parents.”

– College Counselor, San Jose Cal-Soap

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DecidED just doesn’t help advisors.
We have tools for students and college access partners too.