DecidED Advisor Resources

These downloadable free resources are designed to help you and your students navigate DecidED and learn when and how to best use our tool.

DecidED Product Overviews

DecidED Advisor Dashboard One Pager

  • This one page guide contains information on how to sign up for DecidED, invite students, review student college research progress, and collaborate with your team.

DecidED for Students One Pager

  • Want to help your students learn how to use DecidED? Download this shareable PDF to show how easy it is for students to sign up and get started researching and comparing college options.

DecidED Checklists

Checklists for Advisors

  • Divided by tasks to complete each semester, this checklist provides tangible steps and deadlines you can use to support students on their path to college using DecidED.

Guide your students to a college where they can successfully graduate with little to no debt.