Get a clear picture of your college costs and explore fit factors so that you can choose the best school for you.

Get a clear picture of your financial options.

Once you upload your award letter, you can confirm affordability, compare colleges, and learn about options to pay for school.

Research Your College Options

Easily search and compare schools for their estimated costs and important fit factors like majors, campus size, or future earnings.

Get the Financial Picture

DecidED translates financial aid information so that you can understand and compare the true costs and affordability of every school.

Make an Informed Decision

Choose the right school for you based on affordability and personal priorities such as graduation rate, campus diversity, and location.

“When I was comparing my awards, I could get into the specifics of how much exactly I needed to pay for school. I was able to concentrate on clear costs like tuition fees, housing, and free money.”

– Sonoma State University Student, Class of ‘23

Resources for Students

Read DecidED’s student guides for information on important topics like verification, how to find your financial aid awards, planning your college budget, and more.

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